Monday, July 09, 2012

Dragon City Gold Hack

Need :Use Firefox or Chrome
           Cheat engine 6.1

1. open cheat engine, and select proccess to FlashPlayerPlugin_xx_x_xxx_xxx.exe or chrome

2. value type " Text "

3. type in value " eggs " and click first scan

4. double click all results or hold shift, click 1st addres, and then last address

5.  the result will go down

6.  change their value to " infinite "

7.  visit Deus and return home, breed Water + Plant : Coral Dragon

8.  then change value type to Double

9. Scan : 7200 [2h]
    Change : 1

10. when Hathery full visit Deus again

11. wait in 12 Hour, then sell Coral Dragon

12. 10 Coral Dragon : 2,5M



  1. i am going to try, then i post again.. thanx ^^

  2. mmm.. is something thats bothering me amm.. when i change to double i put new scan right.. ok.. and when the hatchery is full and visit Deus, i put my dragon in a place or i have to wait 12hrs and then put in place.. that part i dont understand.. thanx

    ps: 1 more thing.. after i do this.. i can close de Cheat engine.. or i let it open the 12 hrs

  3. instant breeding doesnt work anymore. the page refreshes

    1. wat browser u use ?

  4. plz man do a gems hack.

  5. GM please Submit We Followed Easy Gold Cheat
    Please. . .

  6. Please make a new gems hack.TNX!!
    You are the BEST!!


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